Ruidoso, New Mexico

September 2003

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Ruidoso, NM - This was a trip that just Debbie, Taffy and I took in September. We had never been to Ruidoso before and just knew that there was gambling, horse racing and skiing there. It was raining when we got there. The RV Park that I had made reservations at was about 10 miles outside Ruidoso on the way to Capitan, NM. on Highway 37. Alto Hombre Gordito Hideout happened to be the first "hit" on a web search for RV Parks around Ruidoso. This RV Park looks to be a couple years old and is carved out of a hillside. This was not the paved State Park type RV Park that we had experienced in an earlier RV trip. The campsite was on a hill, and required lots of blocks under one set of axles in order to get the trailer level enough that the cabinet doors did not swing close every time you took your hand off them.

Adventures in the area were a visit to the Hubbard Museum of the American West. When we made our visit they had a very large extensive display of the Lawmen of the old West. They also had an equally large display of the weapons used in the movies and TV shows. Very interesting and enjoyable. Outside they have what I call the Running Horses Monument - the official name is something different. Photos are in the gallery of this page. Horses are life size and beautiful.

Of course no trip to Ruidoso is complete without a trip to the casino. We visited the Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino, as we had seen it advertised on television. It reminded us of the Casino in Grand Coulee, WA. 

A back roads trip gave use some great views of Sierra Blanca mountains, and Benito Lake. The road reminded me of going up to Red Mountain in the Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest. One lane, hoping that you did not meet another vehicle. A trip to Ski Apache provided some magnificence views of Ruidoso. The viewpoint was more than 9,000 feet and though a little cloudy provided some excellent panoramic views.

This trip included driving the Billy The Kid Byway, which goes from Ruidoso to Capitan, through Lincoln and back into Ruidoso. Lincoln County is famous for the Lincoln County war - the movie with John Wayne (Chisholm) is the version of the war that I liked. Not really factual I found. Fort Stanton is also located in the Ruidoso area and "put down" the range war.

Of course a stop at the Smokey the Bear National Park in Capitan was a must. Quite a display on Smokey the Bear, including his grave. This was a very interesting museum.

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