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Around Lubbock

Around the Lubbock area we have found many wonderful sites. Three wineries grace the area in a 15 mile radius. The smallest being the Pheasant Ridge Winery which specializes in Chardonnay wines made from grapes grown at the winery. The next is Llano Estacado. This is the second largest winery in Texas. They are known for their red wines and port. They use grapes that are grown in a 250 mile radius of the winery. The third is Cap Rock Winery which is known for blush wines. Cap Rock uses grapes grown within a 75 mile radius, or "grown on the Cap Rock."

All three wineries have their own unique appeal. It is quite a trip to do all three in one day. 

Other sites that we have found include the American Wind Power Center. This establishment houses the largest collection of windmills in the country. The museum includes a field full of working windmills outside, and a large collection of working and non-working windmills inside. The windmills have a rich heritage in Texas and other states. The pride and joy of the museum is a dual windmill found in eastern Washington.

The Ranching Heritage Center (this link goes to one page, the main website is hosted by Texas Tech (www.ttu.edu.) is another treasure that you will find in Lubbock. This Center is dedicated to the history of Texas. Displays include several homes and other structures that have been moved to the site and restored to authentic beauty. Inside is a wealth of information on the cattle days of Texas. It is a rare and thought provoking experience. Due to their restrictions, I cannot post pictures that I took while at the Center. Seems that there is a question whether this website might be considered a commercial venture. They are also host to a large family of Texas sized Jack Rabbits. Check out their website, it provides lots of interesting information.

Some Pictures here

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