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The Home Remodel
(D.I.Y. Projects)

The photographs linked to this page will open new browser windows! You can go Here to see just the photos and a short narrative of each of the projects listed below.


Our home was built in 1985 - typical construction for the area - concrete slab floor, wood frame with brick veneer. Originally it had two in-ground planter boxes in the entry way. One just to the right of the door when you entered and one at the end of the entry way against a wall. When we purchased our home, the entry way still had one in-ground planter box visible. The one on the right side of the door as you entered. The entry way had 8" square ceramic tile for about 1/2 its length (about 7 feet) then it went into carpet. When I first looked at the house, I told the realtor that the in-ground planter was going to be filled in if we bought the house. It wasn't until the carpet was removed that we found where the second in-ground planter had been, and the fact that at one time the entire entry had been covered with the 8" square tile.

In December of 2000, I spent a few days at Christmas installing 12" ceramic tile. This was my first experience installing this type of tile, but not my last. Hand stained baseboard and new molding around the doors helped to finish out this project. The prep work to install this tile is another page for the website that will be done shortly.

The Kitchen/Dining room were also remodel projects. Actually part of the kitchen was remodeled in November of 2000. This first stage of the remodel was to remove the old counter tops and install new ones. The old porcelain sink was removed and a new deeper stainless steel sink was installed. A new faucet, with the pull out spray spigot was installed on the sink. Just this change made a major difference in the appearance of the kitchen. A new over the stove, range hood/microwave, complete with the vent being piped outside was also installed. Do not have the After Pictures at this time. Keep checking back - they should arrive soon.

The big change for the Kitchen/Dining Room came in the spring of 2001, when I took some extra time around Easter and installed Wilsonart Laminate flooring. Again a first time experience. With the addition of hand stained baseboard, the job came out pretty well. When you look at some of these pictures, you see this tan colored dog. That is Taffy Tan - he just wanted to be in everything.

Then it was time to tackle the Hall Bathroom. This is a full bathroom with sink, commode, and a tub/shower. The walls were covered with wallpaper of a striped variety. The floor was carpet, laid over vinyl tile. The vanity was a natural wood color that had seen many better days. The vanity top was a light colored marble and was still in pretty good shape. The faucet was corroded, along with the rest of the plumbing.

This project was started well before Thanksgiving and did not get completed until the end of December. The usual problems were encountered. Plumbing had to be repaired, walls repaired, the old vanity removed, the vinyl tile taken up, along with the adhesive.

Now, there is a new ceramic tile floor, a light blue pattern wall paper, wainscoting, a new smaller vanity, new light fixtures, and accent tile around the tub/shower. The door to the bathroom caused the most problem. During the installation of the new door and jamb, I found the walls out of square, which caused some major modifications to the door jamb to get it to fit properly.

The next project will be Carpeting in the Living Room. Now, like the bulk of the house, it has a light blue "plush" type carpet. Soft weave, that shows both dirt and wear. This is being replaced with a tighter weave Berber, a light tan that is neutral enough to go with lots of colors, and should not show the dirt or the wear as bad. During this re-carpet I replaced all of the wall outlets with the white rectangle type. This gives it a more modern appearance and matches the walls better. I also replaced all of the baseboard with hand stained baseboard to match the rest of the baseboard and casing that had I had already replaced. 

Now we have moved on to the hallway and the replacement of all the bedroom doors, baseboard and casing in preparation for the new carpet. 

Been awhile since this was updated. We have finished the hallway, Spare Bedroom, and master Bedroom with carpet. Same color as the Living Room. Installed the hand stained baseboard, door molding and doors to all the interior doors.

In the office I installed Laminate wood floors. This to help reduce the amount of static electricity. I also did the baseboards and molding around the door and closet.

We completed the Master Bathroom with tile on the floor, wainscoting and wall paper. Several months after completing this, I found that water have gotten behind the tile in the tub/shower area. I removed five rows of tile (4") from around the tub, cut out the sheet rock and installed tile backer board. I then replaced the tile. I took the opportunity to add some accent colors and it came out very well. I also replaced the mixer valve (faucet) in the tub. During this I found water had gotten behind the tile in the hall bathroom. So, one of these days I will go through the process again.

Think now we can call the house ours. I am done with modifications - Oh, yeah, Deb wants to redo the dining room.  Guess it never stops.

View most remodel photos here.


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